~2023... We Coming~

About Us

Indicive streetwear is an innovative clothing brand designed for artists. Our apparel choices fit the pride and hustle that it takes to pursue your dreams in whatever discipline of art. Whether it is music (like our founders), painting, designing, dancing, or any other art form, we wish to connect the hard working artists with great street wear looks.
Our Story:
Three friends - more like brothers - who started making music together in '15 founded Indicive. Starting out as just an idea, the more they talked about it, the more they became excited to try it out. "As rappers, we are always looking for dope streetwear for our social media content and music videos. Then we thought, why not just create our own brand and try something we have never done before?". And just like that, Indicive was born.
Coming from different skill sets and only sharing the passion of music, Indicive was started with 3 things in mind:
1. Provide great, innovative, simple but meaningful, streetwear designs for all those who are chasing similar dreams
2. Build a business that will simultaneously build the community of artists looking to live off of their craft, as well as build the marketing skills for our musical goals
3. Learn something new
Indicive thrives to provide great streetwear, great customer service, and leave an even greater legacy. As a proud sponsor of The Freddy Scholarship, we value giving back as much as moving forward. Through events, collabs, and any kind of highlight / showcase of our worlds greatest artists, creators, and entrepreneurs, the Indicive community continues to grow!
Creativity + Art + Hard Work + Service + Legacy =